About Us


MLKJCA is a Seventh-day Adventist Christian school that provides students in Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade a nurturing and safe place to grow and learn.

MLKJCA shares the worldview that the formal and non formal curriculum help students reach their potential for spiritual, mental, physical, social, and vocational development. Preparing students for a life of service to their family, church, and the larger community is a primary aim of the school.


The Martin Luther King, Jr Christian Academy of Baton Rouge, Louisiana opened its doors for the first time on August 31, 1981. After much deliberation, a number of parents decided they needed a school that would give their children an education based on Christian ideals and a belief in God. Retired Adventist educators, Lilburne Thompson and Lola Miller worked together to make MLK a reality.  The school opened with a first enrollment of fifty-one students.  The school was first housed in a duplex owned by one of the parents.  A dedicated staff and devoted [parents worked together to make the school successful.

August 1985, was the year MLK found its permanent home.  A building situated on 2.75 acres, located at 4295 Prescott Court was purchased (formerly a Southern Methodist Church).  Years later, in 1996, after outgrowing the facility, a new building was constructed.  MLK has had peak enrollments of more 225 students and 20 staff members.

Mrs. Thompson served as principal until age eighty-three. She was succeeded by cofounder, Lola Miller who served for five years (2006-2011).  Sibyl Jordan became the third principal of MLK Academy in June 2011.  In July of that year, plans were set in motion to merge the MLK Academy with Berean Adventist Academy.  On September 26, 2011, Berean Adventist Academy officially joined MLK Academy.  Berean brought with them two teachers and five students to be added to the MLK family consisting of ninety students and nine staff members.

Since the merger, Berean Academy and Martin Luther King Jr Christian Academy is well known and respected throughout out the Baton Rouge community. Students from both schools have gone on to serve God and mankind in mighty ways.  Parents who attended these schools now send their children and grandchildren here.


The mission of the Martin Luther King Jr Christian Academy is to provide quality Christian education to the children it has been commission to teach, and to enable each child to develop spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally for productive service to God on this earth and in preparation to dwell with Him in the new earth.


Martin Luther King Jr Christian Academy believes that children are our heritage from God and therefore precious in His sight. We believe that every child can learn.  MLKJCA believes that every child  must have the opportunity to receive an education that nurture their academic, social and physical development in a positive and supportive environment.  We further believe that true education places Christ, the Master Teacher as its central focus and harmoniously develops the head, hand, and heart for service in this life and in the life that is to come.